North East Mountain Men
Dedicated to the preservation of the lifestyles
of the American Mountain Men
during the period 1825 - 1840.
Dan'l B. Cripps                   Ray Fox                        Skip Wiley                   Brendan Cripps
St. Louis Agent 
at the Home Office:
Ron Marshall
Council Woman:
Cathy Cripps
From varying points around the compass
we are on our way to Spring Rendezvous 
to gather our brigade together, 
take stock of our situation, and
to see how our members have survived a difficult winter.

The year, somewhere between 1825 and 1840,
it's open to discussion.
Some of us are more focused than others,
and perhaps more informed;
some are content to just be.
"We are content to dress as we live, in a style of primitive simplicity.
In fact, the whole appearance of our party is sufficiently primitive;
many of our men are dressed entirely in deerskins, 
without a single article of civilized manufacture about them;
the old trappers and hunters wear their hair flowing on their shoulders."
                                                                                                                                               John Kirk Townsend Narrative of a Journey
the mess at the top of the hill in front of Old Fort Shattuck
We have fared better than one might expect considering the troubles of the past year.
Our new site has been well received.
It offers good graze, water, and a fine view,
although, for those on the "flats" 
the stiff breeze proves challenging.

It was good to renew old acquaintances,
to participate in some horse trading,
swap some stories,
and work on becoming a high quality outfit.