Calendar of Events
Events which may be of interest to you.
Reoccurring      Third Sunday of Each Month      Informal Black Powder Shoot      
Townsend Rod and Gun Club        Bob Smith 978 621 6283

Second Saturday of each Month      Informal Black Powder Shoot      
Old Colony Sportsman's Club        Bill Earl 781 383 0248

        November 15     Turkey Shoot        Stump Jumpers    Old Colony SC

        November 22     Danvers Thanksgiving    Danvers Fish and Game Club

        December 6        Holiday Gathering

May we wish you a "Merry Christmas" ?
The North East Mountain Men
Holiday Gathering
Reservations and Proper Attire Required
For your entertainment we will hold an auction upon the conclusion of dinner.

Wishing You Joy of the Day,

         My vest buttons cover a number of commitments in the early nineteenth century, a booshway in the NEMM, current national Clerk in the AMM, and as a member of the Steering Committee of the Northeast Primitive Rendezvous Association, Inc. It is my goal to build bridges in our community. As a booshway of the NEMM, I believe that we, as an organization, should be inclusive rather than exclusive. It is not enough to sit idly by. We should actively reach out to others in our unique fraterinity with free and open communication to inform people of events that they may be interested in.
        Twice a year the North East Mountain Men hold a rendezvous. While not as big as some other "National" events, it is of high quality. Throughout the year we sponsor a number of "Gatherings" as well. They may take many forms. While these events are open to the NEMM members, as a general rule they are open to members of the American Mountain Men, the Women of the Fur Trade, and invited, juried guests as well.
        There is quite an overlap between the NEMM and the AMM. Of our sixty plus active members, one third are also full members of the AMM  with another ten Associate AMM members. Our membership includes the party booshways and clerks of the Westfield River Party, the Jed Smith Party, and the White Mountain Party; the clerk of Great North Woods Party; all of the members of the Westfield River Party; most of the members of the White Mountain Party. Members of the Jed Smith Party and the Warren Ferris Party have joined us in our camps. It is our great pleasure to support their events in turn.
        We are proud to have a member of the Women of the Fur Trade as one of our members as well.
       If you think you might be interested in any of our upcoming "Gatherings", I invite you to contact me by whatever means you may find convenient or talk with one of our members.
                                                                                                                                                                        Dan'l B. Cripps
NEMM sponsored events
recently added listings
March 19 & 20, 2016       New England Colonial Trade Fair
Redhook Brewery     1 Redhook Way      Portsmouth, NH
July 2 - 9, 2016        AMM National Rendezvous        Idaho
September 3 -11      AMM Eastern Territorial Rendezvous
Maysville, WV
Please consider bringing an item for auction.
You receive the proceeds,
minus a small premium,
which will go to the NEMM College Book Scholarship Fund.
If you cannot attend,
please consider sending something along to help with this effort.
About the NEMM College Book Scholarship Fund: For a small organization the North East Mountain Men has raised an incredible amount of money to help college students with purchasing text books. The only requirements are that the candidate must submit a letter of request and provide proof of enrollment in a recognized institution of higher learning. The scholarships are limited to immediate family members of AMM.
We have been fortunate in receiving generous monetary donations from sustaining donors. Our fund raising efforts have been further enhanced from monies raised through shoots and generous donations of items which have been auctioned or raffled off.