Articles of Agreement
A. NEMM Rendezvous are by invite only.
B. NEMM rules and requirements shall be applied equally regardless of gender.
C. Minimum age for full membership is 18 winters.
D. Junior Membership Program for immediate family.
    1. minimum age 14 winters;
   2. Junior Members will be treated as regular members with the exception of of guest priveleges and shall become full members at age 18 winters.
E. Members are required to spend at least two consecutive days and two nights at each rendezvous.
F. Any member missing two rendezvous in succession will be considered "gone under", regardless of wether or not their dues have been paid.
G. Upon "sign in" at the spring rendezvous every member shall pay their dues for the year. 
    If you can not attend, you should send a check made out to "North East Mountain Men", (name of the Booshway)". 
There shall be no reimbursement for missing a rendezvous. If dues are not paid on or before spring rendezvous, you will be dropped from the roster.
H. There will be two rendezvous each year. Spring rendezvous will end on the first full weekend of May; 
                                                                                                                                                         fall rendezvous will end on Columbus Day weekend.
A. Members may bring one guest to a rendezvous but first must notify the Booshway, in writing,  no exceptions. 
                                                       This member is directly responsible for their guest during the rendezvous. 
                          You must know and screen these potential members before you decide to sponsor them. Their sins are your sins.
B. Every member sponsoring a guest must be at the rendezvous. The guest may arrive after and leave before their sponsor.
C. The sponsoring member shall accompany the guest to "sign-in".
D. Guests are expected to be appropriately clothed and equipped at all times.
E. At their third consecutive rendezvous potential members along with their sponsors, will be interviewed by the Booshways. The results will be a factor in determinging if the guest will become an NEMM member.
A. There shall be no allowance for cheating, stealing, lying, or deceit.
B. Any person, be they member or guest, that becomes obnoxious to the point of being intolerable, or issues threats of any kind, shall be banished from this group.
C.Any person violating any of these rules will be cautioned. Any person who continues to violate the rules after being warned will be banished from the group by the Booshway.
D. Dog Soldiers shall be appointed by the Booshway. Their responsibility is to maitain law and order. Their position is not to be abused by anyone at anytime.
A. Every member and guest will "sign in" as soon as practical. Basic equipment must be presented at this time.
B. Members' and guests' equipment is subject to the approval of the Booshway at all times.
C. Cigarettes may not be smoked in the open.
D. Prior approval of the Booshwway must be received for any "pets" in camp. Said animals must be under control at all times.
E.Vehicles will be permitted on site to load and unload only; 20 minute time limit. NO EXCEPTIONS
F. No vehicles in camp before 9AM Sunday to take down. No vehicles in camp from sunrise Saturday to 9AM Sunday.
G.A general council meeting will be held at every rendezvous.
H. No one may use the name "North East mountain Men" for any kind of personal influence or profit without the express permission of the Booshway.
I. The originators of NEMM wish that this group never lose sight of the reason for its being: i.e. the re-creation of the Fur Trapper Era, a group of indiduals gathering together at least twice a year to renew old acquaintances, to participate in good hard trading, story telling and.....being known as a high quality outfit.
A. Clothing shall be of the 1825 - 1840 period and appropriate to the goals and direction of the company.
B. Prescription or safety glasses only. It is recommended that appropriate, period frames be used whenever possible.
C. Footwear appropriate to the era.
D. All gear should be evaluated using the appropriate rubric.
A. Tipis, lean-tos, wedge tents are acceptable, appropriate color. No metal grommets permitted on lodges or tarps.
B. Hardware on storage boxes must appear period correct.
C. Cooking over open fires only; ignited by flint and steal. No matches allowed.
D. No aluminum or agateware permitted.
E. Air mattresses and coolers may be used, IF properly concealed at all times.
F. Night lights by candle lanterns and campfires only.
G. No modern beverage bottles or cans in sight. Use appropriate, period vessels.
H. No wristwatches - you don't need to know what time it is anyway.
I. No cigarette lighters or matches allowed.
J. A supply of water is to be kept by every fire at all times.
K. "Wood backed seats" shall be no more than six inches high where they cross.
L. This shall be considered a primitive rendezvous at all times.
A. Flint or percussion prior to 1840.
B. Round ball only or shot where appropriate.
C. Authentic sights only.
D. All shooting from the pouch and horn.
E. No plastic horns, plastic loading blocks, or glass rods.
A. Respect for the land, laws, and shooting safety are topmost.
B. No firearms shall be discharged after sundown or before sun up unless to indicate an emergency.
C. No firearms shall be kept loaded within the camping area.
D. Rules will be made up by the shooters before starting the match, including the winning of blanket prizes.
E. Targets will be whatever is at hand: i.e. playing cards, apples, acorns, etc. No modern paper targets are permitted.
Prizes shall be appropriate to the time period 1825 - 1840, and reflect the goals and direction of the company.
Prizes for blanket shoots should be hand crafted if possible; conducive to our time period; 
                                                                                                                            of equivalent value to the other prizes; and agreeable to all concerned.