We are just back from spring camp. My eyes are still scratchy and the smell of wood smoke is still in my hair. What a fantastic camp. Maybe you'll understand, because anyone not acquainted with our way of life might not come to the same conclusion. It was wet and cold; it was smoky and windy; and yes, fantastic.
        Final count, there were forty eight hardy souls who made it out of the winter alive and able, some not as fit as they were last fall, but still managed to hobble into camp.
        The sun came out just in time for our camp meeting and blessed us with drying conditions as we broke camp Sunday morning.
The ground hogs come out to see the sun, the rainbow, and their shadows for the first time.
Camp Meeting
        Thanks to our Rendezvous Liaison, Bill Burtt, the Leister Rod and Gun Club, and Dave Small for the use of the property. Please make sure to respect the land and leave it as we found it.
        Checking in with our other Rendezvous Liaison, Bob Smith, in regard to returning to Townsend Rod and Gun Club next spring.
Bill, Eric and Dave tending to vittles.                                                                                                                                                                Bob
"Huge" thanks to Dave Edington, Ronnie Thebodo, Bob Olson. Bill Burtt, Eric Comeau and whoever else may have had a hand in preparing the evenings fine repast.
        Sou Chef, Ronnie                                   Chef's Assistant, Eric                                             Head Chef, Dave
​      (look at that fire pit)                             (look at that piece of meat)                                       (look at those eyes)
Membership Report
Sick List:            Ray Duff not feeling right up to snuff; 
                            Ray Fox among the walking wounded, but on the mend. Made it to camp for a good visit on Thursday.
Norm and Ray in for a visit.
Deaths to Report: None
        I am happy to report that all but two members responded to the call for rendezvous. Of those that are not here, it is not because of their health, but in a number of cases, I am sad to report, it was because of sickness of a close family member.
​       Regrettably, I must report on the death of a dear family member of the Trotter clan. We send them our prayers and good wishes in their time of loss.
Guests: We welcome Tom Knapp for his first camp with us. We hope it has been a rewarding experience. He must be one tough hombre to put up with this lot. Thank you to Mr. Ron Thebodo for sponsoring Tom to our camp.
Scholarship Report
        For the size of out outfit we have done and continue to do much good with our NEMM College Book Scholarship.
Last semester we awarded four scholarships. Please remember that this is a "Book" Scholarship and as such is granted at the beginning of each semester. Once the semester has started and the awards have been made there is no money available. 100% of what we take in, we give out.
        Before we even started this spring's rendezvous we have received enough money from our past and honorary members to fund one scholarship. With that in mind, our fund raiser this spring is a raffle for this reproduction, Frederick Remington bronze, the Mountain Man.
    The history of this particular piece... it was first introduced at the "Original" North Eastern, provided by former member, Mr. Tom Leamey, to raise money for the North Eastern. It was won by Mr. Bob Berry. After a few years he donated it to the North East Mountain Men to help us raise money for the Book Scholarship. Mr. Skip Wiley won it in auction in 2015 with the provision that he could possess it for one year. It is now raffled with that same provision, of possession for one year. And the winner is... Pat Mule'.
           Tom Leamey                                    Bob Berry                                                                                        Skip Wiley                                            Pat Mule'
        While the weather was most uncooperative, Tom Brown was able to conduct his shoot for our other favorite charity, the DAV, won by "LT" Leo Trudeau.
        The Disabled American Veterans is a nonprofit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families.
        For more information on the DAV visit DAV.org
Rocky Mountain College conducted by Paul Cripps, "What would you do if.....?"

        With the weather as it was, it was an excellent opportunity to sit around the fire and palaver. Paul had a long list of possible scenarios one might encounter while out in the field. People took turns picking a number which corresponded to one of the scenarios and they then had to explain what they might do to rectify the situation. Chuck led off. He was confronted with a large group of hostiles. As he presented his solutions you could tell that he was well versed in history for each possible solution you could recognize an actual historical scene which had played out.
        Each participant did a fine job of extricating them selves from their particular conundrum. 
Upcoming Events
       Check the web sites of northeastmountainmen.org and ammnebrigade.com
       Something for discussion...we have been asked if we would like to return to the Fort at Number 4. Before I commit, we need to know if there is interest from our membership and who is committed to such an endeavor.
        Fall Rendezvous will end over Columbus Day weekend.
        Support our members at their home clubs. Right now we have options. If we don't continue to support one aother those options will disappear. 

Raffle Benefiting Townsend Rod and Gun Club
        Smooth Bore, bag, knife...the whole kit and kaboodle...still time to buy tickets...see Bob Smith here or at the club
prizes                                         Dick takes a chance                        Old Lefty, Bob, takes aim. Watch out Rene!                   If Bob can do it, Rene will too.