North East Mountain Men
Dedicated to the preservation of the lifestyles
of the American Mountain Men
during the period 1825 - 1840.
Dan'l B. Cripps                   Ray Fox                        Skip Wiley                   Brendan Cripps
St. Louis Agent 
at the Home Office:
Ron Marshall
Council Woman:
Cathy Cripps
The year, somewhere between 1825 and 1840,
it's open to discussion.
Some of us are better informed than others,
some are content to just be.
The NEMM Report
Spring Rendezvous '22
One of the Most Significant in Recent Memory
If you were not in attendance for the spring rendezvous, you did indeed miss a significant event.
Not only were people eager to be out and about, but the shooting and a different system of inspection led to interesting discussions
which surely elevated everyone's game.
the Booshways' Qualification Match
The shoot itself was not a competition between contestants in that there were no winners, and thus no losers, but rather a test of one's own capabilities. The match was labeled as a "Qualification Match". Each participant, for participation was completely voluntary, reported to the first station overseen by Mr. B. Cripps and instructed to fire five shots at a shingle. Upon completion of the firing, the target was evaluated, and the shooter was directed as to where to report next. Those who could manage to hit with at least three of their five shots proceeded to the advanced targets; those who did not were assigned to a less rigorous course of targets.
Stage Two, the Less Rigorous Course,
supervised by Mr. S. Wiley, five shots
First target, a steel plate, had to be hit before engaging the second target regardless of how many of the five shots it took. Second target, an inflated bladder, once hit the remainder of theshots would be directed once again at the steel plate. To successfully complete this level it wwas necessary to hit the steel plate, the inflated bladder, and at least one more hit on the steel plate.
Stage Three, the More Robust Course,
supervised by Mr. R.R. Fox, five shots
First shot, and a challenging one it was, the shooter had to shoot a piece of charcoal, turning it to dust before engaging the second target. Second target, the remaining shots were at a playing card. A perfect score would have seen four shots in the card, but two hits on the card were all that was needed to qualify.
Qualification Ratings
Qualifying at stage one and three - Hunter
Qualifying at stage one, but not three - Trapper
Qualifying at stage one and two - Trader
Qualifying at stage one, but not two - Camp Keeper
Non-Participants - Unrated 

Inspection by Division 

It would be impractical for a brigade of this size to conduct the business at hand efficiently, so prior to inspection the company was divided into three parties or divisions each headed by a booshway. While essential kit was necessary for all, each booshway had their own ideas as to what would constitute an acceptable standard of preparedness and inspected their divisions using their own standard.
    As inspection was conducted Mr. R. Olson, acting as clerk, called the roll and supervised the signing up of the company for another year.

Camp Meeting
Conducted by Booshway Dan'l B. 
Pleased to report that all members of the Honourable Company of the North East Mountain are either present or have made known their whereabouts. 
    I appreciate all who are here for it is important to maintain a presence in order to provide the opportunity to continue what it is that we do. We have come through some trying times with the epidemic and all, but the effects are still being felt. So many things have disappeared never to return again, but our presence here ensures that we are not over until we say that we are over! Take pride in what we do. There are others who try, but who are not willing to take it to the level that we do.
    Bosshway B. Cripps: "I am pleased to announce a new member to our company, Mr. Ray Tobin, a man of good character and outstanding skills who will add to 'our being known as a high quality outfit'.
    Booshway Mr. S. Wiley: we have a drawing for a beautiful hand crocheted throw donated by Mrs. R. Thebodo sure to keep the winner, Denny Michaud, warm on these cold spring nights.
    Fall Rendezvous will be held in October;
we will convene in Townsend, details to follow.
Until then, travel safely and may God bless you all.
       The Senior Booshways                  Acting Clerk Mr. R. Olson                Mssrs. Houlihan, Wiley, & Michaud        Ray Tobin makes membership
seal the deal for another year.