North East Mountain Men
Dedicated to the preservation of the lifestyles
of the American Mountain Men
during the period 1825 - 1840.
         Dan'l B. Cripps,                                  Ray Fox,                           Ron Marshall,        &            Skip Wiley          
Membership Report
Sick List: Ray Duff and Ken Bachmann. Please drop them a line or reach out to them and let them know they are in our prayers.
Deaths to Report: Tom and Bev Brown have tragically lost their beloved daughter, Robin; Ernie Baker has lost his dad.
Guest: Chris Larsen, recruited by Todd Trotter, a fine figure of a man...yes?
Scholarship Report
Last semester we were able to award five scholarships. For the size of this outfit we have done and continue to do much good with our NEMM College Book Scholarship. To help with our fund raising efforts this fall we offer a powder horn for the raffle and a moose antler cribbage board for auction.
Drawing winner...Dave Edington...congratulations.
High Bidder at the auction...Ed "Baker" Wunsch...we thank you.
Upcoming Events
Check the web sites of and
Spring Rendezvous will be held in Townsend April 28 - May 6.
Something to think about On Saturday May 5 we will hold an Open House to acquaint fellow travelers with what we do. We have been talking it over this week and everyone has added to the conversation. Specific details will follow as we coordinate our efforts.

and now...Let's Eat and Enjoy the Rest of Our Time Together
Fall Rendezvous                October '17
                             The meadow isn't a secret, but it might as well be.  ​There's seldom sign of humans passing through here. It is a right spot for rendezvous, graze, water, and plenty of animal sign, most of it bear, coyote, and beaver. It's isolated. There's easy access from the south and north along the river, but to the west, high rises, difficult to traverse; to the east, the river with only one ford. Each year we have gathered here prior to breaking up for winter quarters.

Camp Meeting​
    Thank you all for being here. I consider it an honor and a great privilege to address you today.
When I first went to college they said "Look to your right...look to your all likelihood those people will not make it through college." Now I say to you, Look to your right...look to your are the ones who have made it. You are the survivors. We have had many good members come and go. There are all sorts of people who approach what we do at all different levels, God Bless them all; but what you do, what you have done, what you have accomplished is a rare thing. You have taken this thing that we do to a truly high level. I have travelled a great deal this past season and seen all sorts of interesting things. I know that when I am among you I will not see flashlights, cigarette lighters, wristwatches, plastic containers. The level of historic accuracy of your clothing and accoutrements is without par. Well done!
                 "Uncle" Paul, "LT" , "Hoppy"               De, look to your left, look to your right, Dan'l B. & RAM                 Gary & Dave F.
Be Prepared...Grab Your Firelock...Pick a Card...Let's Shoot

The North East Mountain Men​ offer some of the best shoots you will ever encounter.
While interesting and challenging, they must also reflect something which could have been done during our time period. This time three man teams were formed by the luck of the draw from a stack of playing cards.
First Target:                         One shot each. This is the "bullseye". Ten points for a hit; 
                                             nine points just off the center; eight, an inch out; 
                                             seven two inches out; six three inches out; five four inches out.
Second target: best group; you pick who shoots and when.
Five points to the winners.
Dan'l, Johnny, and Bob
28 points to                       two teams:
Ray, Brendan, & Nick
Dan'l, John, & Bob
Third target: shot of the day, closest to the center
earns five points for each team member.
                     Nice shot Brendan. That will be tough to beat...but, it was. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while...Dan'l B.
Now, shake hands with your partners and wish them well. You're on your own from now on.
Sorry Ray, the target has to be GONE!
card                                                                                      apple                                                      cracker
The object of the shoot was to bring people together in a show of support for one another; for each shooter to have at least one shot they could boast about; and to have a grand time. There was no prize.
Honorable mention goes to Bob G. & Dan'l B. Runner up...Nick...Grand Champion.. John R. A good time was had by all.
Raffle Benefiting Townsend Rod and Gun Club
Smoothbore, bag, knife...the whole kit and caboodle...drawn at TR&GC
I have some bad news and good news...
no one in the NEMM won...
Our good friend Danny Suhoki did...Excellent!
Keep on supporting the local clubs. Right now we still have options...
                                                                                        in the future we may not be so lucky.

                    Dave & Bob enjoying some down time                                       Two Old Pards..Larry & Ernie                         John, Jake, Brendan, & Pat enjoying the fine spread
The Young 'Uns kicking up their heals
                Jacob​                                               Nick                                                            Rene                                                                  Brendan                                     Pat
These throws were a revolution and a half or more. Not a throw for beginners.