North East Mountain Men
Dedicated to the preservation of the lifestyles
of the American Mountain Men
during the period 1825 - 1840.
         Dan'l B. Cripps,                                  Ray Fox,                &           Skip Wiley          partner emeratis Ron Marshall         
Fall Rendezvous                October '18
The brigade gathered one last time before heading off in various directions for winter camp. 
All  'cept one present or accounted for.
As our senior man, "Handsome" George Holmes could not make the trip, he sent along a message in the form of a poem:

Live one day at a time, my friend,
Soon the present will be the past -
Forget those things that bother you,
And make the good times last...
Live one day at a time, my friend,
And happy you will be,
Relax, rejoice, and just let go,
And set your spirit free!

We in return send our best wishes.

We all walk our own path, 
Thank you for sharing a part of yours.

Thanks to John Roberts and crew
 for keeping track of and signing in our congregation; and 
                                               Kevin Houlihan for acting as "barker" to help promote the raffle 
                                                to benefit the NEMM College Book Scholarship Fund.

Membership Report
Deaths: none
Sickness: "Manny" Holmes has had a tough summer;
Ray Duff is carrying on;
Dave Fox twisted a limb.

Guests: We are pleased to have among us,
Christopher Larson, sponsored by Todd Trotter,
Ron Doponte, sponsored by Bob Smith,
Brian Santos, sponsored by Alan Bardsley.
Also joining us old friends Max Pillie and Brian Vossmer.

Events Past and Future:
Poore Farm in Stewartstown, NH
Informal shoot at Townsend, which is reoccurring on the third Sunday of each month
Three Gun Competition in Townsend on Sunday, October 21
Informal shoot at the Old Colony Sportsmen's Club in Pembroke reoccurring on the second Saturday of each month
Turkey Shoot at Old Colony in Pembroke on Sunday, November 11
Danvers Thanksgiving Feast, Nov 18
AMM Nationals near Savory, Wyoming this past summer
AMM Eastern Territorials in New York this fall
Kentucky Property, May 2019
AMM Nationals SW Montana,  summer 2019

NEMM College Book Scholarship:
three awards granted for the fall semester
Raffle winner Alan Bardsley

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